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The site of writer, tech journalist and editor Ian Barker.

I currently have two published novels, a book of short stories and several non-fiction pieces. Feel free to explore the site to find out more.
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Writing can sometimes seem like a solitary activity, so it’s important to know there’s help and advice on offer and that there are lots of other people doing the same thing. Here are some of my favourite writing and writer links.

Writing sites:

Writers.Net - Online writing community.

Lit Chat - All book chat, all the time.

Writing careers.

Writing tips from top authors.

Songwriting tips from popular artists.

Goodreads -  A great place to find authors and books.

Bookshop - Support UK bookshops.

Skillshare - Creative writing classes.

Some other great writers:

Cat Connor

JH Bogran

Patricia Cooper

Rachel Elizabeth Cole

Carolyn Burns Bass


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